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The Factory method

In our classes we do our best to give you the necessary information about tango. What you need to know, when you have to know.
We don't care about your dancing experience or skills, your age or physical abilities. As long as you can walk by yourself we believe you can learn to tango.
We teach in a dynamic and didactical way, with lot of repetitions in order to help you to learn to tango in a comfortable and enjoyable way, in a relatively short time. It is not a problem if you miss one or two classes, but coming regularly to our classes will shorten the time you'll get a good result. Practicing at home will also help you to develop faster.
We appreciate if we can see our student's enthusiasm and dedication during the classes and we will be happy to guide you through the magical path of argentine tango.

Group tango classes

Argentine tango is a social dance. It's good to understand the social and group dynamics already during the classes. Partner changes and the experience of being in a community will help you to succeed in milongas - argentine tango parties.

Also this is the most low cost way of learning tango.

We have 4 different level of classes, based on your tango experience. Level 1 is for beginners and level 4 is for our most experienced students. If you have doubts which group fits you the most, please ask for our advice. In general it is always better to take more time with the fundamentals. Do not let your ego to choose to which level classes you come.

Check our schedule by clicking this button!

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Private classes

We recommend private classes to those who cannot come to regular group lessons for some reason, who feel that they are stuck at a certain level and want to improve their tango, or who just want to progress faster.

You should know that the private lessons are not held for the purpose of stroking your tango ego!
The focus is on highlighting possible errors and correcting them. That's why we put a lot of emphasis on the basics, and only deal with more complicated figures after you've mastered the basic techniques of leading/following at a skill level.
The private lessons are in a pleasant and enjoyable environment and atmosphere, but we expect hard work and attention from our students.

You can come alone or in pairs, as a leader or as a follower.

You can book an appointment online by clicking this button!

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10 Days To Tango

The most effective way to learn tango!

Do you think tango is a difficult dance? Have you ever heard of people who felt being a beginners even after many years of learning tango?
It is true, tango is not a dance that you can easily enjoy after learning and repeating a few basic steps.
It's more, like learning about fine-tuned communication, improvisation, leading / following, it requires work and attention.
But it is not at all impossible to reach a level even within two weeks, where both you and your partner will enjoy moving, dancing together.

Of course, radical results require a radical method!
This is what the "10 days to Tango" program was created for
- 10 times within two weeks,
- 60-minute sessions,
- daily homework,
- individual training plan (for leaders and followers separately),
- individual sessions - one student and one teacher
(couples also take part in separate sessions, in fact we ask that you do NOT practice together before the end of the 10 sessions!).
- for both complete beginners and advanced users.

For more information and appointment please contact us.

Watch our video about the first people who completed the 10 Days To Tango program!
They succeeded.
Why can't you be the one who learns to tango pleasantly in 10 days?!?

10 days to tango
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Weekend workshops
Jump in to tango!

If you have never tried tango before, these weekend seminars are especially for you.

We try to hold one every six months.

Tango is a rather complex dance.
We do not promise that you will learn it in two days. But during these two days you will get enough information and experience to decide whether tango, and our way of teaching it are right for you or not.

The courses are held on Saturdays and Sundays.

Prior registration is required to participate in the course!

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