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Argentine tango classes in Factory

Group lessons, private lessons, week-end workshops, special trainings - like our “10 Days To Tango” program - You have many opportunities to learn tango at the Factory.

It may help you to find the right option for you by clicking on a blue rectangle.

Why learn argentine tango from us?

Because we help you to learn tango in a homely environment, in a cheerful atmosphere and based on expert knowledge.

Because we welcome everyone.

You can come in pairs or alone.

Because we teach tango with a dynamic and didactic method, to ensure that you can learn to tango in a comfortable way, in a relatively short period of time.

Read our personal introduction here!


After all, why do we make so much effort to learn tango?


Most of us would like just to have just fun, by dancing on the milongas, with as many partners as possible in the most comfortable and fun way.

There are milongas in Budapest almost every day, and wherever you travel in the world, you can find milongas in every major city as well.

In the Factory you can meet your favorite local dance partners and the tango tourists in town on Sunday evenings.


You can find out more about all milongas in Budapest here.

Festivals, marathons

Argentine tango is present everywhere in the world. Tango dancer’s community is very international. Search for local milongas and festivals wherever you travel!

Many international events are held also here in Hungary. Among others the one which is organized by us is the Danube Tango Festival / Marathon. It is held every year around February-March, with the participation of world-famous star teachers, internationally acclaimed tango DJs and hundreds of dancers from around the world.


You can find more information about it at this link:

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Listen Argentine tango!

Which was first, the hen or the egg? ...


In our case, this question is easy to answer.  Music must necessarily precede the dance. It doesn’t really make sense to learn tango steps if the music itself doesn’t make you move. 

Of course, our taste changes all constantly. Which music moves you at the moment may depend on a lot of things. 

The repertoar of Argentine tango music can be measured in an inexhaustible order of magnitude - in the order of hundreds of thousands. Most of them composed in the early and middle years of the twentieth century, but the culture of tango music is still alive today, and the remakes and the new songs of today tango orchestras expand the repertoire continuously.

Listen to as much tango music as possible! Have your current favorite bands, tango songs! Discover the subtlety of tango music and its diversity! Immerse yourself in understanding the lyrics.


Clicking the button will help you get started on the path of discovering tango music.

"Dear Marina and Gabor,

I had my first tango lesson exactly a year ago at the Factory, as well as my very first milonga at the same night (actually it was a palacsintalonga :)).
I'd like to thank you both for all the inspiration, teaching, help, laughter, the milongas, the marathon, and last but not least the last weekend in Ljubljana!
Thank you for sharing your tango with us <3
See you tomorrow at class :)"

What our students said

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