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Learn to dance tango!

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Why is it good to learn tango?

Argentine tango could mean different things to people. Some start to learn tango because they want to know a new dance style, or a new form of movement. Some may be looking for company - tango is a great way to meet new people. Some want to know more about themselves, their abilities, their physical-mental-emotional endowments, and looking for development. Some want to spend some quality time together with their partner in an intimate way. Some are enchanted by tango music which makes them move.

Whatever the reason was, why they started argentine tango, most people who have managed to get close to the world of tango agree that Argentine tango is more than just a dance style. Learning tango stays with us, accompanies us throughout our lives, and helps us live happy and full lives.


Why learn tango from us?

Because we help you to learn tango in a homely environment, in a cheerful atmosphere and based on expert knowledge.

Because we welcome everyone. You can come in pairs or alone.

Because we teach tango with a dynamic and didactic method, to ensure that you can learn to tango in a comfortable way, in a relatively short period of time.


Read our personal introduction here!

You can find our schedule here!

Where are the classes?

Monday  -  PÉCS
Zsolnay Negyed, Herkules műhely 
Tuesday  -  BUDAPEST
Factory, Nyáry Pál utca 5.
Wednesday  -  SZEGED
Dancefloor Szeged danceschool
Thursday  -  Budapest
Factory, Nyáry Pál utca 5. 
Friday  -  Budapest

Factory, Nyáry Pál utca 5. 


Who will teach you?

Tango is more than just a dance. Tango is a way of life.

Communication without words. Self-knowledge. Trust and acceptance. Self-expression and joint creation. Community and friends. Individuality and universality.

Tango Factory was established in 2015 based on Gábor's idea and work. Today, the Factory has become a defining figure in Hungarian tango life.

Gábor started tango in 2006, and in 2010 - at the request of his masters at the time and by their side - he started teaching. First as an assistant later as individual teacher.

Based on the experience gained in this way with his former partner - Marina Hoffman - they created the so-called "Factory method".
The essence of the method is to make it possible for anyone who wants to learn to tango, regardless of age, dancing experiences or physical abilities, to be able to dance enjoyably on a social level, within a few months of learning.
In the first months of teaching you, we pay a lot of attention to work with the basics and getting to know the most frequently used figures and their combinations. In addition to introducing the correct basic techniques, we place great emphasis on the relationship and the enjoyment of dancing.

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