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Beginner weekend

Jump in to tango!

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Why learn argentine tango?

Argentine tango could mean different things to people. Some start to learn tango because they want to know a new dance style, or a new form of movement. Some may be looking for company - tango is a great way to meet new people. Some want to know more about themselves, their abilities, their physical-mental-emotional endowments, and looking for development. Some want to spend some time together with their partner in an intimate way. Some are enchanted by tango music which makes them move.

Whatever the reason was, why they started argentine tango, most people who have managed to get close to the world of tango agree that Argentine tango is more than just a dance style. Learning tango stays with us, accompanies us throughout our lives, and helps us live happy and full lives.

Why learn argentine tango from us?

Because we help you to learn tango in a homely environment, in a cheerful atmosphere and based on expert knowledge.

we welcome everyone.

You can come in pairs or alone.

Because we teach tango with a dynamic and didactic method, to ensure that you can learn to tango in a comfortable way, in a relatively short period of time.


Read our personal introduction here!

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Honest personality

High emotional intelligence

Opened mind

Sense of beauty

Moderated ego



Ability to listen to the other

Respect for others

Ability to accept

Basic tango skills

To whom is it good to learn tango from us?

Can everyone learn tango?

Can I do it?!?


Argentine tango is an eye catching dance. Because of this, many people have a desire to learn and wish to experience it. On the other hand, this desire is sometimes accompanied by doubts and excuses.

"Ah, I'm not a good dancer ... ah, I have a stick ear ... ah, it's too late for me to start ... ah, but who can I tango with? ... etc, etc.


"If you can walk, you can also do the tango." you can hear many times. And indeed, ANYONE can learn to dance tango who can walk on their own.

However, it is also a fact that tango is definitely NOT for everyone!


If you are wondering what qualities and skills you need to become a good tango dancer, drag your mouse over the blue rectangle!

How to start learn tango?

You don’t need much else besides determination. Just get up from the armchair and come to us!


Things to consider before start learning tango:

- How soon would you like to gain enjoyable knowledge?

- How much time and energy can you devote to this?

- What is your purpose for learning tango?


If you know the answer to these questions, it won’t be hard to choose the right one for you from our tango classes.

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"Dear Marina and Gabor,

I had my first tango lesson exactly a year ago at the Factory, as well as my very first milonga at the same night (actually it was a palacsintalonga :)).
I'd like to thank you both for all the inspiration, teaching, help, laughter, the milongas, the marathon, and last but not least the last weekend in Ljubljana!
Thank you for sharing your tango with us <3
See you tomorrow at class :)"

What our students said

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